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Stenden Hotel Management School

With 3,000 associate, bachelor and master’s students from more than 50 countries and more than 13,000 alumni worldwide, Stenden Hotel Management School is the largest and most internationally oriented hotel school in Europe. Studying here, means learning at one of the most progressive and innovative hotel management schools. We continually encourage our students and ourselves to gain knowledge, develop talents and learn to be agile in a fast-paced and rapidly changing world. You would be studying at a Dutch-founded hotel management school with a global mindset and campuses across several continents. We believe that the world today calls for people who are prepared to give. People who understand the art of making others feel welcome. People who have both leadership as well as service talents. We call this Hostmanship. A concept that we have adopted and honed, it is at the heart of our programme and goes beyond just hospitality. It is a mentality; a drive to combine a desire to serve, genuine attention and leadership into an inspirational outcome. 

As one of our students, you will be a future-proof game changer in the hospitality industry and beyond. A young professional with a solid knowledge base, who can strategically anticipate changes and who has a positive impact on tomorrow’s world.